Corporate Governance

Basic policy

From the outset, one of Toray Group’s managerial principles has been that the purpose of a company is to contribute to society. The Group has developed a Management Philosophy that incorporates this principle.
The Group systematizes the Management Philosophy as a Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Missions, and Corporate Guiding Principles. Among these, the Corporate Missions call for desirable relationships with stakeholders and enunciate the Group’s commitment “To provide our shareholders with dependable and trustworthy management”. In addition, the Corporate Guiding Principles stipulate the Group’s commitment to “Obtaining the trust of society and meeting the expectations by acting fairly while maintaining high ethical standards and a strong sense of responsibility and maintaining transparency in management.”
In establishing its corporate governance structure, the Group seeks to fulfill these philosophies as its basic policy.

Corporate Governance Report

Toray files a Corporate Governance Report with the Tokyo Stock Exchange.